After-care acrylic nails

  1. Always wear rubber gloves when washing up, dusting, gardening, applying chemical tan or hair dye.
  2. Do not file the surface of the acrylic nail.
  3. Do not bite or pick the acrylic nail, if one breaks have it repaired immediately.
  4. Use non-acetone nail polish if necessary.
  5. If and when you decide to remove your acrylic nails, please do not attempt to take them off yourself. Come in and have them soaked off gently.
  6. Every 2-3 weeks your acrylic nails will require a refill. This is imperative to the upkeep of the nails.
  7. Daily application of cuticle oil will keep your nails flexible and prevent against cracks and breaks.

If you have any problems or require any advice please contact Orla on 025 32677 or

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